School of Population Health

Student Profile

Trisya Rakmawati
Master of Health Management (extension)
Mode of study : 
Full-time Internal
Country : 
Previous Education : 
Bachelor of Pharmacy

UNSW is renowned for its reputation in maintaining high quality education. I was interested in studying the Master of Health Management because the program covers specific courses which relate to health systems, public health projects, and economic evaluation that are highly relevant to my personal interest which is health system strengthening.

Most important thing I have learned from my studies

Health is a dynamic and interconnected subject. Today’s health is different from that of 50 years ago, and it may be different from the next 50 years. As a health professional, I have to be aware of the current health scope and anticipate the upcoming scope of health. I also learned that health never stands alone. It is supported by the environment, it is associated with the socio economic status and it can only be preserved by multisectoral collaboration.

Most challenging thing about my studies

Differences in the education system between Australia and my home country, in terms of teaching methods, student-convenor relations and the type of assignments. In Australia, as a student, I was expected to be more self directed, to set my own context and to decide the depth and breadth of the research. All of these were reflected in the type of assignments. Fortunately, the convenors were very attentive and reachable to gave me confirmation and advice.

What you enjoyed the most

The study environment, the facilities (library, access to journals, Moodle), the helpful staff, have all supported my study. The non judgmental environment encouraged me to engage in group discussions with my classmates and share my thoughts. Having access to abundant academic resources is a privilege and has greatly assisted me in constructing essays.

Message to newly commencing students

Enjoy UNSW! Not only those things related to your study, but also, more than that. Do your homework, get high grade and grab every opportunity. Know what you are into and be mindful to set your expectations. Be ready to immerse yourself in diversity. Open up and make friends, engage with the community, explore your interests.

How this degree will assist your career

The degree has broadened my career opportunities within the health sector. Before gaining the degree, my career was limited in the pharmaceutical areas without access to broader health fields, but after finishing my study in health management, I have broadened my work areas in health system strengthening projects in my home country. I have worked at the community level to strengthen the capacity of the community health workers in East Indonesia. Now, I am working in strengthening the supply chain of HIV commodities in Indonesia to support the MoH program in HIV control.