School of Population Health

Student Profile

Joshua Karras
Master of Health Management, Master of Public Health (Dual Degree)
Mode of study : 
Full-time, External
Country : 
Previous Education : 
Bachelor of Science majoring in Vision Science, Master of International Public Health

It was a very easy decision to be honest to enrol in a degree at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine. A brief look at the comprehensive outline of courses will tell you that compared to other schools in different universities offering similar courses, UNSW clearly provides the most efficient, highest quality and greatest opportunity to gain professional experience and receive scholastic prospects which can greatly benefit your academic career.

Most important thing have learned

I would have to say the holistic and carefully considered nature of health policy research, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Every step can be broken down into so many substeps, and I have already begun drawing on my knowledge as I begin my professional career in this field.

Most challenging thing

Almost certainly the editing component of report writing. It’s an art form and it takes a while to develop!

Enjoyed the most

I always took joy in consolidating all my knowledge from a course and using it in an assessment. They are all so realistic and you can truly feel the real world applications of your studies as a result.

Message to newly commencing students

Take every opportunity that comes your way. Whether it be an internship or research opening. Just apply. You don’t know where it will take you.

How degree will assist in your career

I have already seen it guide my decision making at the United Nations Association of Australia as an Event Coordinator for Good Health and Wellbeing. I use it as a backbone when faced with complex situations in my workplace and I feel very fortunate to have my degrees under my belt.