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Research Supervision Resources

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HDR Supervisor Workshop

HDR Supervision Orientation Workship - Presentation by Dr Husna, Razee, A/Prof James Wood, Dr Lois Meyer, Hugh Deacon, February 2017. 
Download HDR Supervision Workshop presentation

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Nomination of Examiners

Presentation by A/Prof William Sewell, Director of Graduate Students, UNSW Medicine, October 2012. 
Download Nomination of Examiners presentation

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Higher Degree Research Supervisors Checklist

For all research supervisors
Download HDR Supervisors Checklist

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Preliminary Self Assessment to apply for PhD

For potential research students to check their eligibility to apply for entry to the PhD program
Download HDR Eligibility form

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Research Code of Conduct

Researchers must conduct their activities in an ethical and professional manner, ensuring validity and accuracy in the collection and reporting of data. UNSW has developed this Research Code of Conduct to meet the standards set out in the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.
View full code of conduct policy

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UNSW Human Research Research Ethics

Central place for all researchers to find information on applying, procedures, forms, templates, and other information about Human Ethics Approval. See website. See procedures.

The new common ethics application form (for both low and more than low risk research) is now ready for download and use. Please note: new applications submitted on old forms will no longer be accepted by the HREC or the HREA Panels.