School of Population Health

Being a GP Supervisor

What is involved in being a GP supervisor at UNSW?

You will be supervising in Primary Care students in Phase 3 (the final 5th and 6th year) of the Medicine program. Students are attached to two practices of 4 week each during the 8 week Primary Care course, and they are required to complete at least 50 half-day general practice sessions (i.e. 25 sessions per 4 week per general practice) as well as attend a variety of teaching sessions on campus.

On average, a student will be under your supervision for approximately 3-3½ days per week throughout the term. This can include time spent with other GPs (including registrars) in your practice, practice nurses and a few sessions with allied health and specialist colleagues in the primary care setting.

Students undertake a variety of activities at the practice to help them understand common general practice conditions, and should progress to more responsibilities and autonomy in clinical activities during the attachment.

What are the benefits of being a GP supervisor at UNSW?

  • You pass on your experience to the next generation of doctors, many of whom will enter general practice.
  • You can provide students with invaluable insights into the rewards and challenges of a general practice career.
  • Personal and professional satisfaction in knowing that you have enhanced a medical student’s clinical and communication skills, and an appreciation of whole patient care and general practice.
  • Accredited teaching general practices are eligible for PIP payments ($200 per session or approximately $5,000 for a four-week placement).
  • You can apply to become a conjoint academic, this provides access to privileges associated with UNSW, such as library (physical and online access), discounts on staff parking, discounts on computer software and hardware, learning and teaching courses, invitations to seminars and other campus events.
  • You will be invited to the Primary Care clinical supervisors’ workshops to meet your colleagues and enhance your skills in teaching.