School of Population Health

Indigenous Health Projects

We aim to contribute to significant improvement in healing, positive health and well-being and to developing positive approaches to social, spiritual and emotional well-being grounded on a rights-based framework for Aboriginal health in Australia.

Areas of research

Particular areas of research and service strength and focus are:

  • Epidemiology of health, well-being and illness among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations, including the enhancement of data quality and its use to guide policy and services;
  • Promotion and measurement of empowerment and well-being among individuals, families, organisations and communities, with a focus on youth and other key transition times across the lifespan;
  • Enhancement of Primary Health Care and Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol, Corrective and other programs and services to achieve better health and well-being outcomes;
  • Enhancement of integrative service delivery, promotion of culturally safe models of health care and promotion of empowerment and well-being among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations in contact with the criminal justice system;
  • Increasing tertiary education’s critical contribution toward a competent and empowered Indigenous health workforce with the skills and capacity to achieve positive, widespread change;
  • Promotion of environmental advocacy and well-being and assess the impact of environmental changes on population health;
  • Capture value of our own teaching and learning activities.