School of Population Health

Indigeneous Health Overview

For over a decade the UNSW School of Population Health has contributed to the global understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health.

Some of our current research and projects focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations in relation to the epidemiology of health, well-being and illness, injury prevention, health literacy, immunisation delivery and enhancing data quality and its use to guide health policy and services.

Our team has established reputations and strong skills across the disciplines of epidemiology and biostatistics, psychometrics, cognitive, clinical and community psychology, primary health care, educational research, evaluation, health promotion and community development.

We have a strong teaching focus and are proud to collaborate with a broad network of bright minds committed to conducting research that provides opportunities to support better policy and practice through community organisational and government networks.

We aim to contribute to significant improvement in healing, positive health and well-being and to the development of positive approaches to social, spiritual and emotional well-being grounded on a rights-based framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health in Australia.