School of Population Health

Global Health Overview

Who we are

GlobalH ealth is a critical mass of researchers, students, teachers, development workers and practitioners advancing global health and development. Part of the School of Population Health at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), it supports the formation of research networks and collaborations, the sharing of knowledge, as well as training and professional development. Global Health is committed to addressing all dimensions of health system support and to promoting equity and social justice.  

Aims of Global Health

Working at a global level, and with an emphasis on the challenges facing low and middle-income countries it aims to:

  • Promote, through teaching and research, the use of evidence and best public health practice, to enhance countries’ capacity in health policy development, program design, and implementation;
  • Monitor and evaluate public health policies, programs, and initiatives;
  • Facilitate international collaboration to respond more effectively to global health issues, in particular those affecting the most vulnerable populations, and;
  • Build partnerships with groups and institutions, at UNSW, in Australia, and abroad, committed to advancing effective responses to global health issues.

What we do

  • Encourage research collaborations in the Faculty of Medicine, with other UNSW researchers and with researchers in developing countries
  • Engage in research collaboration
  • Conduct education and training
  • Provide support for translating research into policy

Key areas of expertise

  • Infectious diseases
  • HIV
  • Maternal, child and reproductive health
  • Non-communicable diseases and control of risk factors including Tobacco Control
  • Health economics
  • Health promotion
  • Health, human rights and development
  • Human resources management and development
  • Health policy, planning and strategy development
  • Development and health
  • Public health in emergencies
  • Migrant and refugee health

Collaborative Partnerships - Where we work

Global Health members work in many low and middle-income areas, including the Asia-Pacific region (China, India, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Cook Islands), South East Asia and the Mekong (Lao, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand) and have growing partnerships in Africa and in fragile states (Timor-Leste, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and parts of Indonesia). We have a commitment to development principles, which is evident in long-term relationships with partners in a number of countries including the Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste, Vietnam and Cambodia.