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Stream objective

The Master of Public health in Infectious Diseases Control stream provides students with strong training in the principles of communicable diseases epidemiology prevention and control. Control of infectious diseases has been one of chief successes of public health to date but there remain many challenges and a high human cost from infectious diseases globally. The School of Public Health and Community Medicine at UNSW is a leading institution nationally in research and teaching in relation to the control of infectious disease, particularly influenza, vaccine preventable diseases and HIV.

Core competencies taught in the stream include the principles and practice of disease surveillance, fundamentals of outbreak investigation, and methods of disease control including vaccination, treatment programs and methods for the control of emerging infections such as pandemic influenza. Approaches to evaluating disease interventions are also a focus, with an introduction to health economics and modelling included in support of this. There is a strong focus on problem-based learning in the stream as we believe this improves students understanding of the material.

This stream provides students with an opportunity to select a combination of courses enabling specialisation in infectious diseases control. These include courses with a methodological focus and those where the focus is a particular disease or set of diseases. Students can also undertake a small-scale research project as part of the program, which may be in the form of a research study, a case study, a program evaluation or a report on field experience. The name of the specialisation is reflected on the testamur and students graduate with a Master of Public Health in Infectious Diseases Control.

Who should do this stream?

This program is aimed at public health students who seek a career in communicable disease control in the health sector or in international health, or students who wish to progress to postgraduate research in infectious diseases.


Student feedback

“The Infectious Diseases stream has helped me to channel my career in health policy into an area that is interesting, challenging and highly relevant. I have gained knowledge and skills that will help me to be a better policy maker, particularly in terms of using critical thinking, analysis and research to understand and address current challenges to infectious disease control.”