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Epidemiology Public Health Specialisation

MPH Epidemiology

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Stream description

Epidemiology and biostatistics are fundamental disciplines that underpin public health and clinical research.  The stream is designed to allow students to evaluate research and develop the skills to undertake their own research requiring quantitative research methods.  

The stream-defining courses provide a strong background in advanced statistical and epidemiological methods that are the basis of quantitative research in public health. The recommended electives allow students to develop further their skills in quantitative research or economic evaluation, or to develop further knowledge of content areas in public health.  

The name of the specialisation is reflected on the testamur and students graduate with a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology.

Who should do this stream?

The Master of Public Health in Epidemiology stream will equip public health graduates with knowledge of the principles of quantitative research methods that underpin public health programs and policies. The stream will be aimed at public health students and professionals interested in learning the skills required to epidemiological and biostatistical skills in their future careers and those wishing to begin the transition to a career in epidemiology in public health.

Stream learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the use and purpose of epidemiological and biostatistical analyses in public health and clinical research;
  • Demonstrate the ability to appropriately interpret the results of sophisticated statistical and epidemiological analyses in public health and clinical research.

These stream learning outcomes are in addition to the Master of Public Health program learning outcomes.