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Using a biosocial approach to advance pandemic influenza control

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This Australian Research Council Discovery Project examines how Australia responded to H1N1 2009 (Swine flu) and similar outbreaks. Using in-depth interviews with everyday Australians and policy-makers, document analysis, and policy research workshops, the Project investigates the conditions of everyday life that influence how Australians think, feel and act with regard to pandemic influenza. It will also focus on the related challenges of: the prevention and treatment of influenza; the gaps between policy and everyday life; and the political ramifications of pandemic infectious diseases. This Discovery Project will supply rich and unprecedented data for the advancement of pandemic control in Australia. The research is being conducted in Melbourne and Sydney.More details about project activities, investigators and publications can be found here

Project Members
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Associate Professor in Social Science
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Monash University - ARC Discovery Project Shared Grant|DP110101081