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Strengthening HIV social research capacity amongst HIV social research leaders in Papua New Guinea and Fiji

The goal of this project is to build the capacity of Papua New Guinean and Fijian HIV social research leaders, through intensive training at UNSW and in Fiji and PNG in report writing, writing journal articles and dissemination of research findings. This program will strengthen the HIV social research evidence-base for HIV policy and programs in these countries through:

  • publication of research findings
  • knowledge transfer skills to enable uptake of research evidence into domestic policy and program in PNG and Fiji

The AusAID Development Research Strategy 2008-2010 argues that development research provides "a practical evidence base upon which policies and practices can be built" (p.iii.) While HIV research efforts intensify there is a need for better dissemination of new evidence. The outcomes of the project will be an increase in readily available evidence on which to base the response to HIV in the Pacific.

Project Members
Associate Professor Angela Kelly
Associate Professor
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Senior Lecturer
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Dr Brahmaputra Marjadi
Casual Academic
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Mrs Christina Rofe
Senior Administration Officer
Project Supporters

AusAID (Australian Agency for International Development) Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship R10-027

Project Collaborators: External

Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research

PNG National Research Institute

PNG National AIDS Council

Melanesian Institute

University of the South Pacific

Pacific STI and HIV Research Centre, Fiji National University