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Evaluation of Australian Defence Indigenous Entry Programs

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The Australian Defence Force (ADF) conducts a six week residential program that engages and prepares young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women across Australia to meet entry requirements for applying for a full-time career in Defence. The Indigenous Pre-Recruitment Course (IPRC) includes language literacy and numeracy, military skills training, physical fitness, vocational education, leadership and cultural appreciation.  

Muru Marri has been commissioned by the ADF to examine the effectiveness and impact of the Defence Indigenous Entry Programs, commencing in July 2014 and completing the evaluation by December 2016. The Evaluation will use a mixed methods approach, including qualitative interviews and focus groups with program staff and participants using the Critical success Factors (Haswell et al., 2013).  Program outcomes will be evaluated through pre and post-program assessment using the Growth and Empowerment Measure (GEM: 12 Scenarios, Emotional Empowerment Scale, Kessler 6), among other measures. The second phase of the evaluation aims to explore its potential contribution to subsequent participants’ life trajectories through a 12 month follow-up component and an economic benefit analysis.

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