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Credit Transfer and Exemptions

Credit Transfer and Exemptions

Credit transfer (otherwise known as ‘recognised prior learning’ or RPL) acknowledges previous learning at another tertiary institution or in another UNSW degree, completed successfully within the previous 10 years. Credit transfer may be granted as advanced standing. Advanced standing expedites your progression through your program by reducing the units of credit (UOC) you need to complete. Advanced standing will be recorded on your UNSW transcript as either:

  • specified credit mapped to a specific BIPH compulsory (core) course; or
  • unspecified credit towards the BIPH elective requirements.

Please refer to the UNSW Credit Transfer website for further information.

Students requesting RPL for undergraduate Bachelor programs, must ‘complete a program of study no less than that required of students in full-time attendance in the final year of the program concerned.’ Based on this, students can potentially apply for up to 96 UOC RPL towards the BIPH.

Credit transfer from another Bachelor-level program

For advanced standing towards a core course in the BIPH, the course must have comparable learning outcomes to the course for which direct credit will be given and have equivalent Units of Credit. Advanced standing for electives will be considered on a case by case basis by the Program and may be given as unspecified credit. Previously completed courses not relevant to public health may be granted advanced standing for General Education (GE) courses. GE is intended to broaden knowledge and skills outside the discipline of the main program. The Program Authority will assess whether GE requirements are met when reviewing the RPL application.

Credit transfer from TAFE or other tertiary institutions  

To receive advanced standing for previously completed courses, the course must be at least a Level 7 on the Australian Qualifications Framework. Level 1-6 courses and programs are ineligible to receive advanced standing in the BIPH program. These include Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas and Associate Degrees. Level 7 or higher courses successfully completed at TAFE or other institutions may be eligible to receive advanced standing.

Students who have completed pathway programs (including Diplomas) may include these programs as part of their application for entry into a UNSW program, including the BIPH. However, courses completed in pathway programs cannot be used in applications for credit transfer for individual subjects in the BIPH. Examples of entry pathway programs include (but not limited to): UNSW Prep programs; Insearch UTS; SIBT and UoN Open Foundation, University of Newcastle.

Life experience, mature age entry, and/or work experience are not grounds for credit transfer.

All applications for credit transfer will be assessed by the Program Authority.

How to apply for credit

  • Applications for Credit need to be submitted online.  See UNSW Web Forms.
  • Attach a detailed Course Outline which includes the course description, course aims, contact hours, units of credit and assessment details.
  • Include an Academic Transcript which confirms the final result for the course and the grade definitions information

Any credit granted must be consistent with requirements for progression in the relevant program at UNSW and must be approved by the Program Authority.