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Recommended by members of the Qualitative Research Group

(in alphabetical order)

Please note, the QRN Hub does not necessarily endorse any of these companies. The information provided below is based on word-of-mouth recommendations from QRN Hub members, and was last updated in 2019.

With any transcription service, we recommend:

  • Getting 2-3 quotes before deciding which service to select
  • Ensuring that the service has a strict confidentiality process and policy for handling and storing your data
  • Giving explicit instructions on how detailed you need the transcription to be, including the formatting, any special use of punctuation, jargon, transcription conventions, etc.


Allsorts Solutions
Frances Davies
0414 636 242

Testimonials: “Allsorts Solutions are quick and reliable. I used them just two weeks ago”, “I have been very happy with Allsorts Solutions. They have transcribed audiotape only for me but an excellent standard and reasonably priced.”


Blackman & Harris
0413 074 249
02 9559 7961

Testimonials: “I can recommend Blackman & Harris. Margaret Blackman does plenty of work for people here at Sydney uni (& is very good humoured…). She is however always very busy”.


Jodie Cawood (Transcriber)
0455 566 003

Testimonial: “Jodie is a great transcriber – fast, reliable and accurate. She does the work herself and gets to know both you and your project becoming part of the team!”


Tara Stobart

Testimonials: “I have found Tara Stobart to be terrific in the past, but people I've referred her to lately have been less impressed - I think perhaps once services get a certain volume of work and need to outsource, quality control becomes a real issue.  Nonetheless, Tara herself is highly recommended”, “I have used this person for audio.  The turnaround is great and the cost is good”.


Margaret Jackson (Marray Transcription Services)
0419 493 655  0408 813 465

Testimonials: “I found Margaret Jackson's group to be very efficient. Of course some of the transcriptionists are clearly more skilled than others when it comes to medical terminology, but I found the services quite good and terminology issues improved as the study progressed”, “I have used Marray transcriptions who have been good, although some transcribers are better than others. The women who runs it, Margaret Jackson, is very helpful.”


Mediascript Express (Nicole Roberts)
0417 388 880

Testimonials: “We've used and found them to be very efficient and accurate (have only sent them digital recordings not tapes)”




Overflow Angel

Testimonials: “We have used a service called “overflow angel” for some years now.   I know she does a lot of work for various medical specialists but we have used the service for a variety of interview transcriptions including sensitive topics etc and found them very good. First pass transcription is generally very readable and only rarely has further editing been required. Digital files can also be uploaded via the web now which is useful too”.


Pacific Transcription (Pacific Solutions)

Testimonials: “I can recommend Pacific Solutions [Transcription]. They've been very accurate in what they've transcribed for me and the service has some guarantees of confidentiality and security. They came recommended to me by other academics here at UTS… if you contact them they'll send you a rates sheet.  If you do use them, I'd recommend giving them a guide about the time frame you want it done in. They usually manage it in the timeframe you specify”, “Pacific Solutions were very professional. Rates are reasonable but perhaps a little on the high side but they had a quick turnaround time”, “Pacific Solutions was recommended to us with high praise for their rapid turn around.”