School of Population Health

Health Economics Welcome

Located in Sydney Australia, the School of Popultion Health (SPH) has a large program of health economic research and teaching. This includes a Master of Public Health specialisation in health economic evaluation and a number of Master’s courses covering different subareas. Academics at the School are involved in health economic research across a range of topics in both a national and international context. There are also a number of research academics at other UNSW Schools and Centres who are members of the SPH Health Economic Consortium.
The growing pressure on health budgets has meant that those with health economics skills are increasingly being sought after by government, industry and the non-for-profit sector. Academics at the School supervise a number of PhD students in the area of health economics. Current PhD projects include the use of mathematical models to predict the health impact and cost of health programs. This type of research, assessing the value for money offered by health interventions, plays an important role in informing decision makers about which programs offer the biggest ‘bang for the buck’.