School of Population Health

Centres and Units within SPHCM

Centres and Units within the School

WHO Collaborating Centre for eHealth

The UNSW School of Population Health is designated as a WHO Collaborating Centre on eHealth, with Professor Siaw-Teng Liaw as Head of the Centre. The Collaborating Centre program of work for 2018-2021 will support: 1. WHO activities in eHealth in areas such as strategy development, implementation, capacity building and evaluation; and 2. WHO regional activities in eHealth in areas such as capacity building implementation and evaluation at the country level. The Collaborating Centre will work together with WHO regional offices to mobilize country actions around eHealth implementation and evaluation and capacity building at the country level to develop and implement Integrated Person Centred Health Services to support Universal Health Coverage within the inter-sectoral framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. ( Liaw ST et al. Global eHealth, Social Business and Citizen Engagement: A Natural Convergence? In: A.V. Gundlapalli et al. (Eds.). MEDINFO 2017: Precision Healthcare through Informatics. Hangzhou, China: IIMIA & IOS Press, 2017, p. 773-7)