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Yunus work experience placement for high school students

Work experience placements are available at UNSW for high school students who wish to understand how public health and social equity are applied to make a difference. This placement would suit students interested in social development, alleviation of poverty and equity in health care. The placement will be at The YSBHH, School of Population Health, UNSW Sydney campus.  <See flyer for details> and <Download application form>. For more information on the program see the 2018 WEP Booklet: Festival of Young Ideas.


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Social Business and the Kinu Foundation

The Kinu foundation aims to create jobs and alleviate poverty among communities in Tanzania – targeting underserved populations (particularly females and younger people in rural areas). The Kinu Foundation commenced social business activities in 2017 in the Ruvuma region in southern Tanzania. They provide microcredit loans to assist people who find it difficult to get loans elsewhere. The purpose of the loan is to assist them establishing or developing a new business. <Click to see details and to access video>

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The World of Three Zeros - UNSW Book Launch

Professor Muhammad Yunus recently launched his new book 'The World of Three Zeros' at UNSW. Prof Yunus declares it's time to admit that the capitalist engine is broken - that in its current form it inevitably leads to rampant inequality, massive unemployment, and environmental destruction. We need a new economic system that unleashes altruism as a creative force just as powerful as self-interest. 


Yunus Gonski Three Zeros


Crowdfunding campaign to hatch a better future in Cambodia is live!!

Grameen Australia tackles poverty and unemployment by setting up Social Businesses that use entrepreneurship for good.  Part of the global Grameen and Yunus family of social businesses, they are setting up Cambodia’s only social business chicken farm. In order to eradicate poverity local dumpsite scavengers are recruited and trained in commercial chicken rearing. Help is needed to secure land that will support people in building their own futures through economic inclusion.  Click HERE now to DONATE and learn more about how, with your help, we will drive structural change in Cambodia to secure nutrition and rural incomes. <See flyer for details>


Crowdfund Cambodia


Want to learn 'Social Business' for you, others and the society?

Nobel Laureate (Peace) Professor Mohammad Yunus created the idea of ‘Social Business’ to solve the global social problems in health, education and poverty. The emerging field of social business is growing and we are bringing knowledge and learning from  a large Global network of more than 12 different universities all over the World. As a part of this, we offer education, training and work support (intern) at University of New South Wales (UNSW). <See details and watch video>


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Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus energises UNSW for change

The father of social business and microcredit, Professor Muhammad Yunus, has given an empowering talk at UNSW, challenging his audience to harness the energy and the imagination of youth. In his empowering public lecture, Professor Yunus said the key to sustainable global development was harnessing the energy and the imagination of youth.  <See News Item & Listen to Lecture>


Professor Yunus


Anne Bunde-Birouste speaks about social change

Dr Anne Bunde-Birouse speaks to Tracey Holmes about social change on ABC News Q&A Extra.  <Listen to talk>


Anne Bunde-Birouste Q&A ABC News


High school students complete the 2016 Yunus work experience program

As many high school students have a keen sense of social responsibility and want to change the world for a better place, the aim of WEP is to provide workplace opportunities to NSW high school students to learn practical things and introduce them to Noble Laureate Professor Yunus's social business concepts and principles which have the potential to alleviate global, social, economic, health and environmental problems  <See 'Big Ideas' Booklet>


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Yunus Festival of Young Ideas 2015

The YSBHH successfully ran the “Yunus Festival of Young Ideas” which was a Work Experience Placement program. Students received intensive training and came up with innovative social business ideas. <See Booklet>


Yunus Festival of Young Ideas Booklet 2015


Watch videos on inauguration and panel discussion

Watch presentations on the inauguration of the Yunus Social Business Health Hub held at UNSW Australia on 20 March, 2015 and hear address from  Professor Muhammad Yunus. The launch was followed by a panel discussion on Social business, mHealth and health.  <Watch videos>


Prof Muhammad Yunus


Inauguration of Yunus Social Business Health Hub (YSBHH)

Transforming poor and marginalized communities through research into social business and health is the aim of a new agreement between UNSW and Nobel peace laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. <See more>


Yunus Inauguration UNSW News


Nobel Laureate urges young Australians to use creativity to solve world’s pressing social problems

Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus has launched the UNSW Yunus Social Business Health Hub (YSBHH) in a video address and urged young Australians to use their creativity to solve the world’s most pressing social problems.  <Read News Item>


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