School of Population Health

Vale Peter Trebilco, FACHPER, OAM ED

Peter Trebilco

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the loss of Peter Trebilco.  Peter was born on 15 December 1927 in Hawthorne, Victoria, and would have turned 90 in 2017.  Peter Trebilco was an academic at UNSW from 1972 to 1980, and has been an honorary Visiting Fellow at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW since 1981.  He was actively involved in teaching and academic life, with a focus on social determinants of health and illness, mental health, its prevention and promotion and diversity, particularly in relation to LBGTQI matters. He taught in the UNSW Medicine program and in our postgraduate coursework programs.  

He was a life member and past Treasurer and Vice President of the Public Health Association of Australia and previously treasurer, Australasian Bioethics Association. He was also the Chairman of the Mental Health Association NSW, a Life Member of Way Ahead Mental Health Association NSW; a Life Member, Counsellor emeritus, Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service of NSW and a member of the International Symposium on Ethics of Environmental Health. He was an author, with Prof Martin Prince, ‘Mental health services for older people: a developing countries perspective’ in Psychogeriatric Service Delivery, Draper B, Melding P & Brodarty, H, OUP, Oxford, 2005, and had many other professional achievements.

Most of all, we remember him for his active engagement with UNSW, with public health, and with his passion for life and for humanity.  He has a desk at SPHCM and was here at least weekly, always stopping for a chat and connecting with his many colleagues.  He will be sadly missed by his friends and colleagues at UNSW.