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ISER Academy consultation workshop - May 2016

ISER consultation workshop

The ISER Academy is the central pillar of the new NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence “Integrated Systems for Epidemic Response” (ISER) which has a remit to improve our response capability to epidemic disasters, and specifically to bring together first responders for improved cross-sectoral collaboration.

In our experience of large, international or national epidemic disasters, one of the major barriers to effective response is collaboration and harmonization between the many sectors that are front line responders – these include health, defense, law enforcement, emergency services, legal and paramedical sectors.

The ISER Academy is a novel, cross-sectoral think-tank that provides a forum for collaboration between first line responders. The ISER Academy is funded to provide capacity building, skills development, training, mentoring and other opportunities for junior staff from all sectors, and encourage linkages between essential sectors in epidemic response. All this will be available to your organization if you participate in the ISER Academy.

On May 23rd 2016 ISER academy held a consultation workshop with key stakeholders in Canberra to seek stakeholders’ input and views on how the ISER Academy can best serve their interests. This was facilitated through a hypothetical disaster. The workshop was attended by 55 stakeholders from across the country and overseas, and it received very good feedback.

Photo: Associate Professor David Heslop speaking at consultation workshop
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