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Engaging patients in infection control - updating the communication strategy

Engaging patients in infection control

New funding success! Healthcare associated infections continue to have a negative impact on the health outcomes of patients in Australian Hospital. Despite the introduction of a range of interventions and strategies, the associated morbidity continues, as does the additional strain on the hospital system.  Patient engagement around hospital Infection control and antimicrobial overprescribing has been proposed as a useful adjunct to improving the impact of efforts in these areas. However, the patient is still notably missing in conversations and action plans around infection control and antimicrobial stewardship processes. As a first step, the focus needs to be about improving health literacy at a broad level such as through helping patients understand the difference between a viral or bacterial infection, the importance of complete adherence to an antibiotic prescription, or the importance of hand hygiene for preventing the spread of infections.

Dr Holly Seale, School of Public Health and Community Medicine and Dr Kate Clezy, Prince of Wales Hospital have recently secured funding from the Prince of Wales Hospital Trust to undertake a new project that will examine the current approaches being used to communicate and engage patients around the issues of infection control and antimicrobial resistance.

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