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Dentist and SPHCM graduate gives back in times of COVID-19

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Graduate of our Master of Public Health and Master of Health Management programs, Dr Mohit Tolani, is a dentist in Dapto in New South Wales, Australia, where he is also busy running a charitable, volunteer-based oral-health program and dental service. Mohit shares with us how the COVID-19 pandemic has been an opportunity to give back to the community using his postgraduate degree knowledge and experiences: 

"While the nation battles one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century, I am grateful that I am able to offer my services during this time within a professional and volunteering capacity. As a dentist practising in Dapto, a regional community of New South Wales, I am very thankful for the community support we have received and being able to provide treatment during this cataclysmic period.
"The healthcare system is currently over-strained and I am glad that as one of the private practitioners in the region, we are still open and serving our local communities abiding by current prescribed guidelines. As a team, we are doing our part in reducing the workload on the wider public health system by seeing both public and private patients; and, in recent weeks, we have been able to see a surplus of patients requiring immediate treatment for facial swellings, trauma, uncontrolled bleeding, and extensive dental decay resulting in pain.

"We have been offering tele-dental and web-based assistance as well, helping with dental health literacy, providing information on seeking further health assistance during this dire time, and offering free dental treatment to those in severe need.

"Each day is a new story. With uncertainty tainting our current times and hazy future, I am proud of my dental fraternity providing emergency services on the frontline.  

"Tough times don’t define people, they rather refine people – as a team, community and a nation – we will come out of this bigger and better." 

Thank you Mohit for being such a #HealthHero! 

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