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David Muscatello delivers infectious diseases workshop at Universitas Indonesia

David Muscatello UI

SPHCM has an innovative Infectious disease intelligence teaching program. In October, through connections made by Dr Jerico Pardosi, Dr David Muscatello was fortunate enough to visit the highest ranked university in Indonesia, Universitas Indonesia (UI) where he delivered a 2-day workshop on infectious disease intelligence for academic staff. His host was Dr Tri Yunis Wahyono (or 'Pak Miko' for short), head of the Epidemiology Department of the Faculty of Public Health. Interestingly, the Faculty of Public Health is separate to the UI Faculty of Medicine. The Faculty of Public Health is located at UI's Depok campus. Depok is a satellite city about 30km from the national capital, Jakarta, on the island of Java.

The program included an overview of infectious disease epidemiology, control, and prevention, health intelligence, and estimating influenza burden. David was supported by video lectures and a hands-on infectious disease epidemic modelling exercise created by A/Prof James Wood from the School. They had a lot of fun with the modelling exercise, seeing how tweaking the epidemic parameters would change the shape of an epidemic.

On the third day they discussed how they could collaborate on teaching and research activities to their mutual benefit. David was also introduced to a charming class of young undergraduate public health students, and they chatted about their passion for public health. On the last day before flying out, David discussed possible research opportunities with Dr Vivi Setiawaty of the National Institute of Health Research and Development, Ministry of Health, Republic of Indonesia and with staff of the CDC at the United States Embassy. Getting through embassy security was quite an experience.

David Muscatello delivers workshop UI

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