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Congratulations to recent SPHCM graduates

Mohit Tolani graduation

Congratulations to our recent graduates from the School of Public Health and Community Medicine.  On May 6 a total of 185 students graduated with 21 students being awarded research degrees and 164 students receiving coursework degrees. 36 degrees were awarded in Public Health, 56 degrees in Health Management, 15 degrees in International Public Health, 6 degrees in Infectious Diseases Intelligence and 51 students graduated with Dual Degrees.  Dr Mohit Tolani said the following about his studies at the School: 

"The education provided at SPHCM is the finest. At times when I thought that personal circumstances started to mask my academic interests, despite being a distance education student, the lecturers and staff from SPHCM were very helpful and empathetic. This rather instilled confidence and rekindled my spirit to pursue and successfully complete my postgraduate studies. Professionally, this has bolstered my understanding of the intricacies pertaining to public health and management underlying my dental profession. On a personal front, these degrees hold a special place in my heart as during the course of these, I got married, had my first child who is nearly one and established my clinical career. Many thanks to my family - parents and wife, without which this journey would be impossible. A thing that I learnt from this - 'Aim to outshine your previous potential in order to grow and achieve new success.' " 

Dr Mohit Tolani graduated with a Dual Degree in Master of Public Health and Master of Health Management.

May SPHCM Graduation

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