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Australia’s first social business course now offered by UNSW

Professor Muhammad Yunus UNSW

As part of a collaboration with Nobel Laureate (Peace) Professor Muhammad Yunus, UNSW will begin offering the course Social Business for Public Health (GENM0520). This is the first ever social business course offered in Australia to adopt Professor Yunus’ seven principles of running social businesses.

UNSW’s Yunus Social Business Health Hub (YSBHH) is part of a collaboration between Nobel Laureate (Peace) Professor Muhammad Yunus’ Yunus Centre and the School of Public Health and Community Medicine. Its aim is to improve health outcomes for poor communities in Australia, Asia and the Pacific with a specific focus on E-health and social aspects of health in the developing world.

A key result of this collaboration, and an important ongoing commitment to the objectives of the YSBHH, has been the development of a new six-unit general education course Social Business for Public Health (GENM0520).

The emerging field of social business arrives against the backdrop of a new wave of human ingenuity in which a market-driven approach is used to solve social problems in health, education and environment, with that solution becoming the business’ primary objective.

Students enrolled in the course will develop the skills and perspective that enable them to identify and understand a social problem, to generate creative ideas to address it, and to build a realistic social business plan. The course then shifts its focus from the theoretical understanding of social business to the practical approach of planning, organising, leading and monitoring a social business.

In alignment with the 2025 Strategy key priority of Global Impact, this first of its kind course delivers an opportunity for students to be connected to the world’s largest academic and industry network of social businesses, part of the Yunus Social Business Centre.

Professor Yunus is a social entrepreneur who pioneered the concepts of microcredit, microfinance and social businesses. His work in these areas through the Grameen Bank, which he founded, led to the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarding Professor Yunus the Nobel Prize in Peace in 2006.

Earlier this year, Professor Yunus visited UNSW and delivered a lecture in the John Niland Scientia Building. Below is the full version of the Professor’s incredible lecture.

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