School of Population Health

Public Health Overview

The Master of Public Health (MPH) at UNSW Sydney is widely recognised as essential for a career in population health, including health promotion, primary health care, policy formulation, research, and management of health programs. Many of our graduates occupy key positions in health departments, non-government organisations and universities in Australia and internationally.

Program objectives

The Public Health program provides preparation for education, research and service in all aspects of public health through providing a sophisticated understanding of the multidisciplinary area of public health. The Public Health program provides both the foundational skills necessary to launch a career in public health and the education needs of public health specialists for career progression. The program includes study in epidemiology, biostatistics, health promotion, quantitative and qualitative research methods, health policy, planning and health services management, as well as many topical public health issues.

It is designed to address the continuing education needs of specialists in public health as well as providing an orientation to public health issues and methods for professionals pursuing a career in public health. Students will graduate with an advanced and integrated understanding of public health practice. Through the Public Health program students will gain the knowledge and skills to identify, understand, prevent and contain disease in populations as well as to identify and address the social determinants of population health inequities.

Flexible options

The School provides a great deal of flexibility for students to tailor their study options according to their needs. All our Public Health programs can be taken full-time or part-time. Courses are offered internally on-campus with face-to-face teaching, or externally by distance mode using online teaching. This allows the Public Health program to be completed from anywhere in the world.

Students may enrol in a general Master of Public Health degree or complete a specialisation, an extension degree (which includes a research component), a dual degree or a dual degree with a research component. For a full lists of Public Health degrees see Degrees.

Career options

There’s a demand in Australia and globally for professionals with specialised interdisciplinary skills in Public Health. A Master of Public Health can lead you to a career in:

  • Epidemiology
  • Government departments and ministries of health
  • Public Health Networks
  • Local area health services
  • Universities and research institutes
  • International health policy and funding institutions
  • Non-governmental agencies
  • Mental health services
  • Indigenous health organisations


The Masters’ program articulates with the Graduate Diploma and the Graduate Certificate. Credit for courses completed as part of the Graduate Diploma and the Graduate Certificate may be transferred to the Master’s program in accordance with the UNSW policy on credit transfer.


Student Perspective

"I now see public heath as being related to almost everything! I have developed a critical lens through which to see health as the product of complex interactions between our social, political, cultural and physical environments. I’ve learned that understanding the specific contexts in which people live their lives, and addressing the upstream drivers of social disadvantage, are critical to improving health outcomes."  

Master of Public Health (MPH) graduate, Kylie Sommerville shares her experience doing a MPH at UNSW, why she chose it, and the doors it has opened - read more.