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Step 4: Discuss financial support

The role of the supervisor is to be the University’s agent in advising and assisting the candidate to complete an original and feasible research program. The supervisor carries the principal responsibility in overseeing the candidate’s progress. A core responsibility of the supervisor is advising the candidate to ensure he/she has appropriate resources and support for the research program agreed. Please discuss the questions on the financial declaration form with your supervisor, fill it out and upload the form with your online application.

Sources of funding

As an applicant to UNSW, you must demonstrate that you can financially support yourself (and any dependants) for the duration of your studies. This may be through applying for a UNSW Research Scholarship, an alternative scholarship or sponsorship (provided by a source external to UNSW), or through self-funding. Before your application can be considered, you must complete the GTE/Financial Declaration Form and, if required, submit evidence of your capacity to fund all living costs, fees and other associated costs. For required fund amounts, please visit Fees & Costs.

International applicants

  • If you have already been offered an external sponsorship or scholarship, the Sponsorship/Scholarship Agreement will need to be provided. If not granted yet, this can be provided at a later date.
  • If self-funded, you will need to provide:
    • Bank statements from last 6 months, showing funds available for a minimum of 1.5 years for a Masters, or minimum 3 years for a PhD. For required fund amounts, please visit; and
    • If the bank account is held under a different name, the account holder must declare that the funds will be used for this student’s research degree fees and costs

Funding sources

For information about some of the scholarships (University and other) available through competitive sources, please refer to the GRS Scholarship website. This website is updated regularly and contains relevant contact details and dates. There are also a wide range of scholarships from alternative sources available.

The School’s funding opportunities can be viewed at the following links:

Please note:  You will need to ensure that you have access to funding for your research and MPhil/PhD/Masters-related expenses from other sources (this may include self-funding, scholarships, joint grants with supervisors through a Centre, etc).