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Step 2: Establish contact with a prospective supervisor

The next step for you is to establish contact with a prospective supervisor. The responsibility to finalise supervision rests with you as a prospective research student.

There are a number of websites which may help you find an academic supervisor for your research. See the list below:

  1. SPH Academic Research Expertise
  2. SPH Research Centres and Units
  3. UNSW Medicine Research
  4. UNSW Research Gateway
  5. SPH Find a Person

Please send your prospective supervisor an email introducing yourself/background and outlining your proposed research. When contacting a prospective supervisor please ensure to send the attached:

  • Detailed CV which clearly lists employment experience (positions held and responsibilities), research experience, publications with citations and qualifications completed.
  • A brief Research Proposal (approx. 1 page) which outlines potential research area(s) and project.

All research students require 2 supervisors (can be a primary and co-supervisor, or 2 joint supervisors). Once you have one supervisor who is willing to consider supervising you, you should discuss an appropriate second supervisor with them.

Your supervisor will also be required to use the eligibility self-assessment table to ensure you are eligible for your prospective program.

Finding a prospective supervisor does not guarantee entry to a research program. There is a separate University process for consideration of ability to undertake a postgraduate research degree. However, this consideration occurs once a prospective supervisor is identified and a detailed proposal is prepared.

Please note: For students contemplating a period of overseas study:

  • If the duration of the student overseas is more than 3 months, then in-country supervision from a qualified staff member at a reputable institution must be arranged, as well as infrastructure support
  • Regular contact with the primary supervisor and co-supervisor in Australia must be undertaken (at least once a month by Skype or phone)
  • In person attendance at confirmation review (first progress review of candidature for PhD students).