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Step 1: Check eligibility criteria for desired HDR program

The first step is to assess whether you satisfy the eligibility requirements for the research programs.

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Further information regarding eligibility requirements and research programs can be found on the UNSW Medicine website.

The School of Population Health offers three different postgraduate research programs. 

Postgraduate Research Degrees
Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) [Program Code – 2713]

The MPhil program is an excellent option for students who have no previous research experience or for students who do not meet the eligibility criteria for a Masters by Research or PhD. It is a research degree designed to provide research training for candidates who wish to develop competence in research in Public Health, or who wish to progress to a PhD. It comprises one-third coursework (24 units of credit) and two-thirds research (a thesis of less than 40,000 words) and is usually completed in 1.5 years. The thesis can be submitted in a minimum time of 2 semester’s full-time equivalent, or a maximum of 4 semester’s full-time equivalent.

Candidates can apply to upgrade during their MPhil to a PhD program, subject to School and Faculty approval.

Advanced standing may be given for courses completed as part of a Master of Public Health or relevant equivalent, subject to approval.

Eligibility Requirements for the School of Population Health

  • The candidate for the degree shall have been awarded a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline from the University of New South Wales, or equivalent program from another university.
  • In exceptional cases, an applicant who submits evidence of such other academic and professional qualifications approved by the Committee may be permitted to enrol in the degree.
  • If the Committee is not satisfied with the qualifications submitted by an applicant the Committee may require the applicant to undergo such assessment or carry out such work as the Committee may prescribe, before permitting enrolment.

If you have completed an MPH or similar, you may be eligible to apply for advanced standing (credit) for either part or the entire 24UOC coursework component.

For more information see:

Masters by Research in Public Health (MRes) [Program Code - 2845, 2960, 2885 or 2810]

The Masters by Research program is designed primarily as training in advanced work and comprises 100% research. A thesis embodying the results of an original investigation or design must be submitted between 1.5 and 2 years full-time equivalent, comprising 40,000 to 70,000 words.

Candidates can apply to upgrade during their MRes to a PhD program, subject to School and Faculty approval.

The School offers 4 Masters by Research specialisations:

Eligibility Requirements

For more information see:

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health (PhD) [Program Code 1835 or 1841]

Applicants to the PhD program would normally be expected to have prior research experience. The PhD is designed as advanced research in a specialised area and comprises 100% research. Candidates are expected to submit an original thesis which substantially contributes to knowledge in the field. The thesis is usually expected to be between 75,000 and 100,000 words and submission is usually expected after 3 years full-time equivalent.

Eligibility Requirements

For more information see:

Please note: Under GRS guidelines, the enrolment of PhD students is subject to confirmation.

In order for your candidature to be confirmed, your progress must be assessed as satisfactory. This will take place at your first progress review between 6 and 9 months (FTE) after enrolment. If you are a PhD candidate and your candidature is not confirmed, your candidature may be transferred to a Masters by Research degree. For full details please see Progress Review and Confirmation of Research Candidatures Procedure.

Where applicable:  Students should check their scholarship conditions to see if payment will be continued in the event of a downgrade to Masters by Research.