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How to Apply

Apply now to do a postgraduate research degree.

Prospective applicants interested in undertaking a research degree with the School of Population Health should read the below information carefully and follow the steps to complete the application process. Applicants are advised to start finalising their application well in advance so they can apply for scholarships and finalise student visas and travel arrangements to Sydney (international applicants only). Please refer to the GRS Scholarship website for deadlines. 

Further information for prospective students can also be found on the UNSW Graduate Research School website.

Please follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Check eligibility criteria for desired HDR program

The first step is to assess whether you satisfy the eligibility requirements for the research programs.

Button - refer to Preliminary Self-Assessment Table

Further information regarding eligibility requirements and research programs can be found on the UNSW website.

The School of Population Health offers three different postgraduate research programs. 

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Step 2: Establish contact with a prospective supervisor

The next step for you is to establish contact with a prospective supervisor. The responsibility to finalise supervision rests with you as a prospective research student.

Please send your prospective supervisor an email introducing yourself/background and outlining your proposed research. When contacting a prospective supervisor please ensure to send the attached:

  • Detailed CV which clearly lists employment experience (positions held and responsibilities), research experience, publications with citations and qualifications completed.
  • A brief Research Proposal (approx. 1 page) which outlines potential research area(s) and project.

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Step 3: Prepare a research proposal

The next step is to prepare a research proposal which must be approved by your supervisor.  

  • Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) - Program code: 2713
  • Masters by Research in Public Health (MRes) - Program codes: 2845, 2960, 2885 or 2810
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health (PhD) - Program code: 1835 or 1841

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Step 4: Discuss financial support

Sources of Funding

As an applicant to UNSW, you must demonstrate that you can financially support yourself (and any dependants) for the duration of your studies. This may be through applying for a UNSW Research Scholarship, an alternative scholarship or sponsorship (provided by a source external to UNSW), or through self-funding. Before your application can be considered, you must complete the GTE/Financial Declaration Form and, if required, submit evidence of your capacity to fund all living costs, fees and other associated costs. For required fund amounts, please visit Fees & Costs.

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Step 5: Submit application

1. GRS Application

The UNSW Graduate Research School (GRS) is the central administrative and support unit for all higher degree research students and their supervisors at UNSW. 

You will need to complete the online application form as outlined on the GRS How to Apply website

You must seek your prospective supervisor's agreement with your proposal before you submit your online application to the Graduate Research School to enrol in a higher degree research program.

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Closing dates for postgraduate research applications

Applications can be submitted throughout the year. Please see Key Dates for further details.