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Ageing and Health

Who should do this stream?

The demographic ageing of populations worldwide has significant implications for individuals and society. Comprehensive public health responses are urgently needed to meet the challenges of this demographic transition.

The Ageing and Health specialisation unites the broader competencies gained by students in the Master of Public Health program with a detailed knowledge of the specific contemporary public health issues facing ageing populations.

Students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote healthy ageing, to better align health and long term care systems to the needs of older people, and to create enabling environments which optimise functional ability.

This stream is relevant to students with an interest in ‘ageing and health’, particularly for those students aiming to work in policy, planning or aged care services. This stream maintains an international focus and is relevant to students from high, middle and low income countries.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this specialisation students will:

  • be able to describe the demographic and epidemiological changes associated with population ageing, and provide compelling justification for public health approaches which meet the challenges of demographic transition;
  • understand the concepts of healthy ageing, intrinsic capacity and functional ability, recognise the determinants of health, and identify opportunities for public health action across the life course to promote healthy ageing;
  • be able to apply an understanding of healthy ageing to the development of health care systems that are better aligned to the care of older people, long term care models which better reflect older-person-centred care, and the creation of environments which are enabling for older people;
  • be able to source, critically read and evaluate scientific literature and policy relating to older populations;
  • reflect on how attitudes and beliefs about ageing and older people might impact on research, policy and practice;
  • gain the skills to be effective and persuasive communicators who are able to advocate for the needs of older people.