School of Population Health

Non-Award and Cross Institutional Enrolment

Enrol in a course at the School of Population Health and upgrade your career skills and/or satisfy your personal interests, or apply for credit towards your degree from another Australian tertiary institution.

Non Award Enrolment

A Non Award Voluntary course enrolment is where the student is taking the course either out of interest, or to develop professional competence in an area of specialisation. Non award enrolment does not lead to or count towards a formal award (e.g. degree or diploma) of the University of New South Wales. For more details and to download an application form see UNSW Non Award page.

Cross Institutional Enrolment

Cross Institutional enrolment is where a student enrols in a course at another institution, and for that study to be counted towards their current degree program at UNSW. For more details and to apply online see UNSW Cross Institutional Enrolment page.