School of Population Health

Assessment Guidelines

Most courses include assessments such as essays, reports, online tasks, group work or seminar presentations. A few courses are also assessed by examination. Details about assessment for individual courses are included within the course outline in the course materials. Below you will find information on how to prepare for assessment tasks and where to find further resources.

Submission of Assessments

Where to submit assessments

Assessments for courses are submitted electronically via UNSW Moodle. Instructions for submitting assignments are found in Moodle for individual courses.

Format for assessments

  • All pages should be numbered and have sufficient margins (4 cm on the left and 2 cm on the right hand side, top and bottom margins).
  • Student ID, course code, date and assessment title should be included in the header or footer on every page, and in the file name.
  • Don't forget to keep a soft copy of your assessment for your records.
  • Please note: All assessment submitted electronically will use the Turnitin similarity detection software. Turnitin is an originality checking and plagiarism prevention tool that enables submitted written assessments to be checked for plagiarism including inappropriate paraphrasing or self-plagiarism. For more on how to avoid plagiarism, see section on plagiarism

Late submission

UNSW has standard late submission penalties as outlined in the UNSW Assessment Implementation Procedure, with no permitted variation. All late assignments (unless extension or exemption previously agreed) will be penalised by 5% of the maximum mark per day (including Saturday, Sunday and public holidays). For example, if you are given a mark of 25 out of 35 for an assignment, and the assignment was handed in two days late, it would be penalised by 10%, and the mark would be reduced to 21.5. 
Late submission is capped at 5 days (120 hours). This means that a student cannot submit an assessment more than 5 days (120 hours) after the due date for that assessment. 

Please note: The only exception to this rule is if a Special Consideration application has been approved that covers the late period beyond the due date for that assessment. 

Extension procedure (up to 3 days)

In the case of illness, misadventure or other circumstances beyond your control, you may apply via email to the course convenor for an extension of up to 3 days. Requests must be submitted prior to the due date and will be considered on the grounds of illness or unforeseen events and circumstances with supporting documentation. Extensions requested on other grounds will be assessed on a case by case basis by the Course Convenor. Requests for extension of greater than 3 days require a Special Consideration application (see below).

Special Consideration (beyond 3 days): Special Consideration – illness and misadventure

In cases where illness, misadventure or other circumstances beyond your control prevent you from submitting your assessment by the due date and you require an extension longer than 3 days then you need to formally apply for Special Consideration through myUNSW. All applications for Special Consideration must be supported by relevant documentation. Further information regarding Special Consideration can be found on the UNSW Special Consideration website.

Feedback on assessment

You will be provided with individualised feedback on your assessment via Moodle. You will be marked according to the marking assessment criteria listed for that specific assessment task. The aim of any academic feedback for an assessment task is not only to grade your work. Importantly, it is also to help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and how you can improve and progress in your studies and professional abilities.


It is your responsibility to learn one of the accepted academic methods for acknowledging sources of information (references). Failure to reference correctly may limit marks to PS or below. Guidelines for acknowledging sources of information can be found on the following websites: