School of Population Health


New Research Candidates
Enrolment Instructions

All candidates who have accepted their offer of admission into a research program at UNSW need to enrol before commencing study. Instructions about the enrolment process are available from the Graduate Research School.


Continuing Research Candidates
Re-enrolment Instructions

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are enrolled at the start of every term and that your enrolment is correct.

Logon to MYUNSW to check that you are correctly enrolled and that your details are current. You must be enrolled every term unless you are on approved program leave.

If your enrolment is incorrect please contact the GRS Medicine team


Enrolment in Postgraduate Coursework Courses

Please note: HDR coursework enrolment requests for Term 1 2022 will not be accepted after Fiday, 11 February 2022; this is to allow sufficient time for the GRS to process the enrolment

All HDR candidates are permitted to enrol in Postgraduate Coursework courses if the content is relevant to their research. HDR candidates have the option of enrolling as an audit student (attend classes only) or with assessment (attend classes and complete the assignments). You will need to obtain the approval of your Primary Supervisor and the Course Convenor before enrolment will be processed. Please note that all enrolments are co-ordinated by the School but are processed by the Graduate Research School.

How to enrol in a Postgraduate Coursework course

  • Please complete the Online HDR Candidate Postgraduate Coursework Enrolment Form
  • Please fill in all the sections on the form and upload the approval of your primary supervisor and course convenor (copy of an email will suffice).
  • Enrolments can take up to a week to process. You will be sent a confirmation email once your enrolment has been processed.
  • All enquiries regarding these enrolment requests should be sent to
  • The last day to submit a request to enrol into coursework for Term 1, 2022 is 11 February 2022
  • Census date (13 March 2022) is the last day to make any changes to your coursework enrolment