School of Population Health

New Students



Congratulations on receiving your offer from the School of Population Health (SPH). We look forward to you joining our postgraduate community in 2022. 


Accept Your Offer

To accept your offer follow the Instructions on the UNSW Getting Started Website. To view when offers must be accepted by see Accept or defer your offer.


Enrol in your Courses

Once you have accepted your offer you need to enrol in your courses. Information on enrolment for new students can be found on the UNSW Getting Started Enrolment Website.


When to arrive

  • It is strongly recommended that International students arrive at least two weeks before university starts. This will allow time to organise such things as accommodation, banking, enrolment and to attend the International Student Briefing Day and Orientation week.
  • It is recommended that domestic and international students attend Orientation Week which is one week before term starts.  O-Week provides activities and workshops useful for both new and returning students. View Orientation Week activities.
  • Week 1 is a full teaching week, not an introduction. Students will be disadvantaged if they don't attend. 
  • Students will not be allowed to start late (Post Week 1).


Residential Week Workshops

Some courses have a workshop component which will be held in the Residential Week (one week before term starts for Terms 1, 2 and 3). Most workshops are optional although some are compulsory. Please note there may be workshops on 1 day or 2 days for each course. Please check the School Residential Week timetable to find out if there are workshops for courses in which you are enrolled. There may also be other induction workshops taking place during the residential week so please check the timetable for information on these.



Each course will have a Moodle page where all the relevant course information including course outline, readings, announcements and discussion forums can be found. The Moodle course page is usually released to students 1 week before the commencement of term.  For more information please visit the UNSW Moodle website.


Administration of your degree

Key tips to ensure success for the administration of your SPH degree

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Library Orientation

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Endnote Information

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