School of Population Health

Community Resilience and Recovery (YMED5005)


This course examines community resilience from a systems perspective, embracing governments, private, non-profit, and civic roles.  Presents research, case studies, and strategies for policy planning and implementation. The course also provides an understanding of how community members respond to the need to prepare for, endure, and recover from disasters; and the ability to utilize multiple communication methods to help community members before, during, and after these emergencies. 

Course Outcomes

The learning outcomes that students should achieve upon successful completion of this course. 

  1. Describe the foundations and key dimensions of resilience theory, as applied to fields like public administration and disaster management;
  2. Identify hazards and “shocks” that threaten communities;
  3. Describe the social dimensions of vulnerability and resilience;
  4. Understand the unique vulnerabilities of communities and the challenge of designing resilient systems;
  5. Critically examine resilience as a framework for community planning or development;
  6. Evaluate a position on major policy areas related to building community resilience.
Teaching strategies

This course is being taught by Arizona State University (ASU), and will be offered to UNSW students. The course will be offered solely online, and utilise the internationally renowned online educational systems of ASU.


Assessment Task 1 - Reflection Papers Assignment
Weighting: 30%
Length: 3-4 pages each

Assessment Task 2 - Discussion Groups Assignment
Weighting: 30%
Occurrence: n/a

Assessment Task 3 - Essay
Weighting: 40%
Length: n/a