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The WHO Collaborating Centre on eHealth conducts digital health research and development with a focus on the integration of citizen engagement, social enterprise, capability maturity of health organisations to implement and evaluate digital health practice and policy to achieve and sustain integrated person-centred health services that are safe and effective, accessible, equitable and culturally appropriate.


The WHO Collaborating Centre for eHealth provides academic and technical expertise and knowledge products (e.g. systematic reviews, technical papers) to:

  1. inform decision-making on the implementation and evaluation of digital health interventions in health systems, organisations and communities, including providers and consumers of health care; and
  2. build capacity for and strengthen digital health principles, clincial practice, management and policy to support learning health organisations.

This will ultimately assist member countries to harness digital health to strengthen their health systems to achieve universal health coverage and contribute to realising the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Acrobat document  The WHO CC Terms of Reference (TOR)can be accessed here

Activities related to TORs

  • Systematic review of methodologies for capacity building, implementation and evaluation of personal, professional and organisational policies & strategies in digital health.
  • Development of tools and guides for assessment of capability maturity and readiness models for implementation of national digital health strategies.
  • Building capacity in implementation, research & evaluation of digital health through training and support activities.



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