School of Population Health

WHO CC eHealth Research

  1. Optimising real-world data use and generating real-world evidence.
  2. Facilitating digital health in practice for individuals and populations.
  3. Implementation, evaluation and evidence of digital health.
  4. Addressing governance, ethical, legal and social issues.
Theme Projects

1. Real World Evidence (Data quality and interoperability)

  • ePBRN and analytics of linked datasets;
  • Common data model (CDM) and CDM-enabled data quality assessment and management.
2. Digital Health in Practice (WHO-CC ToR1)

Apps to support Individuals

  • COPD
  • Cardiac failure

Apps for communities

  • Water security
  • Climate
3. Evidence-based implementation and capacity building (WHO-CC ToR2)
  • Education & Training in Digital Health;
  • Systematic Review of digital health toolkits.

4. Governance, ethical, legal and social issues (WHO-CC ToR 1 & 2)

  • Digitalisation, social enterprise and citizen engagement to achieve integrated health services;
  • Frameworks and protocols to support secure and equitable access to health data for ethical clinical and secondary use;
  • Integrated governance to ensure quality of data and care.