School of Population Health

Areas of Study

Our course material has been developed by UNSW Sydney and Arizona State University. Moving away from the traditional classroom, this innovative degree will immerse you in a global learning setting. You will study with students from Australia, the United States and around the world, bringing a global perspective to your education.

You’ll explore a range of case studies, spanning international contexts and population health issues and priorities. Some of the issues you’ll consider include:

  • Why are some communities prone to infectious disease outbreaks?
  • How will climate change impact the health of populations?
  • How do we address the growing impact of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer?
  • Why are women still dying in childbirth?
  • How do we measure changes in disease patterns over time?

The degree examines infectious and non-infectious diseases, women’s and children’s health, mental illness, indigenous health and environmental health.

All courses are closely interconnected to support a coherent degree experience and prepare you for new approaches to emerging global public health issues. The courses within this degree will develop your skills in areas such as:

  • community empowerment
  • community partnerships and self-determination
  • advocacy and community engagement
  • effective communication
  • critical thinking
  • cultural competence
  • independent work
  • research methods in health
  • systems thinking
  • teamwork and leadership.

You’ll also complete a capstone experience, with the option of either a research project, internship or public health study abroad tour.