School of Population Health

Vision and mission

Population health is about protecting and improving the health of communities through policy recommendations, health promotion and outreach, and research for disease detection and injury prevention, while maintaining a consistent focus on achieving equity and social justice. To advance population health is to look beyond issues of individual health and towards the societal context in which health care is provided to identify and address health inequities.

At the School of Population Health (SPH), our mission is to advance population health by training leaders in health management, strengthening health systems, and translating evidence into policy and practice. We have a strong commitment to excellence and innovation in research, education, and advocacy to enhance population health and health services, and a long and impressive track record of training health managers both in Australia and globally.

Our programs at the SPH are closely linked to our research, and we are proud of our continual contribution to practice and policy.

We are aligned with the UNSW 2025 Strategy in academic excellence, global impact and social engagement.

Our values

  • Recognition of the Indigenous peoples of Australia as the traditional owners of the land upon which we work, and a commitment to addressing the public health needs of Indigenous Australia
  • Excellence in research, teaching and service operating within a meritocracy
  • Advocating for public health and for health care as a public good and fundamental right for all
  • Social justice, equity and diversity